All About Us!

Owner, Samantha Colbert, and her family. From left to right Alexa, Cruz, Samantha, Greg, & Brecken.
I'm so glad you made it this far. My name is Samantha & this is my family above. My husband, Greg, and I have 3 children. Alexa, Brecken, & Cruz...see what we did there (ABC). I'm a southern girl born & raised living in Ohio for the past 14 years. 
Blue Layne originated after I had my second child, Brecken, and needed a complete wardrobe re-do. I found myself purchasing online from a high-school friend who owned a boutique all the way down in NW Mississippi. There was nothing cute & trendy in the area we lived in, so I always found myself trying to order from her and other online clothing shops. 
After awhile, my friend said, if there are none near you...why don't you open one? And so Blue Layne was born. I didnt have the funds or the availability to go in head first & open a big store front, so we started online only in...wait for it...a spare bedroom upstairs. One spare bedroom expanded to two bedrooms, and then expanded to the garage, and eventually to the entire downstairs level of our home. Before long, we were in our first office space and quickly outgrew that as well.
Fast forward 9 years (I feel old saying that & honestly can't believe its been this long), we are in our 6th warehouse and still online thriving! We have the best team in place here to make our operations smooth, make your shopping easy & personable, and we're always here to help! 
We have shipped over 250K packages out over the last 9 years and I am looking forward to the next 9 years! Thank you so much for stumbling across our page & taking the time to read about how I got started!