Curling My Hair

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Moroccan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner
I have sworn by this shampoo & conditioner for YEARS. Not only is it hair stylist approved, but it leaves you hair smelling amazing! They have different versions like moisture, volume, etc. but I usually grab this one!
Hair Prep Bumble Repair
I use this as soon as i towel dry my hair. I put a very small dime size amount in my palms and rub it through the ends of my hair! Its a repair cream but also a heat protectant. I've used this for years...its just part of my hair routine at this point.
Power Dry Me
After I put my repair cream in, I usually wait 5-10 minutes and brush through my hair with my wet brush (below). After my hair is all brushed, I spray this power dry me in my hair. Its supposed to speed up your blow-dry time, and also another heat protectant, which is super important!
Awesome brush. I use it everyday. 
Moroccan Oil Hair Spray
Matches my shampoo & conditioner, and again SMELLS AMAZING. I use this almost daily. It really helps keep my curls in tact without feeling stiff!
32 MM Bombay Curling Wand
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My holy grail. I had my first one for 3 years when it broke. I ordered 2 when I went to replace it. I do recommend ordering the silicone mat to lay it on so you don't burn your counter, and a glove. I have burned myself more times than I'd like to admit. I have the glove, but I'm lazy and usually think "I got this."
32mm Rose Gold Curling Wand - BOMBAY HAIR  - Curling Wand
Bumble Brunette Root Spray Powder
I'm getting old, I have a husband, I have 3 kids....I blame all of them for my grey hair. I have a lot now, and in between visits to the salon I use this for a super quick root touch up! It sprays on super fast, and adds texture like dry shampoo.
Living Proof Dry Shampoo
I use dry shampoo 4 days out of the week and go THROUGH IT. It adds great texture to keep your curls in tact even if you use it on fresh hair! 
Alright...thats all I got for tonight! I will link the TikTok time lapse video I did for you. I plan to make a more in depth video, as I didnt realize the time lapse would go SO fast. This took me 10 minutes, and it sped it up to around 32 seconds.