Blue Layne Babe Rewards

Blue Layne Babe Rewards

Welcome to the Blue Layne Babe Family!!
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It's as easy as 1,2,3! 

Easy as 1,2,3

Good news! If you’re a current customer with an account, you’re already a member. Simply log into your account and view what points you’ve already started to collect. If you are new to Blue Layne or have never made an account before, click the Rewards button on the bottom right of the screen and create an account.

Yes and no, usable Babe Reward Points (points eligible to be redeemed for savings) expire after one year. Don’t worry, we will give you a heads up before your points expire. Lifetime points (the total amount of reward points you have accumulated) don’t expire and determine tier status. Tier status will be reevaluated every year.

No, points are issued when the gift card is used to make a purchase, not when the gift card is initially purchased.

Visit and sign in. You then will see the rewards widget pop up on the right hand side and you can view your points within the portal.

When you purchase an item using Sezzle you will get all of the points added to your account immediately after your purchase regardless of when installment payments are made.

Yes! You will still need to follow the link through your Blue Layne Babe portal. You will then be directed to the associated social media platform and points will be awarded once our program can verify you’ve completed the action.

In order to receive your birthday points, you will need to enter your birthday. You do this by clicking on the "ways to earn" section of the Blue Layne Babe Portal. You will see an option to enter your birthday. Once you have entered your correct birthdate you should receive your birthday points accordingly.Your birthday must be put in 30 days before your birthdate to receive the points.

Yes! You will get (2,3,4) points for every dollar spent.

Your points will not show up if your Comment Sold email address is different than your main Blue Layne account. Be sure they are the same as points can't be combined or transferred.

Yes! You will get (2,3,4) points for every dollar spent.