Our Favorite Self Tanning Products!

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You know us babes at Blue Layne love us a good deep, dark, tan! The industry has changed so much as far as sunless tanning goes. I'm honestly unsure of the last time I saw a tanning salon with actual tanning beds...it's basically all spray now, right?
Our girl Kathryn, over at Sunspray by Kathryn, keeps us freshly bronzed on the regular. She does an amazing job prepping our skin, educating us, and giving us an even beautiful glow! Lets face it though...sometimes we get busy, sometimes we travel, and mostly...you may not live near Toledo, OH to see our beloved Kathryn. Introducing to you our favorite self-tanner Rose Gold Sunless Mousse
We have tried many different self-tanners at home, and this one is by far the B-E-S-T! Talk about easy to use. I usually pump 1-2 pumps of the mousse onto my favorite self tanning mitt, and start on my arms. I apply the product quickly in a circular buffing style motion. Avoid hands, creases, dry spots, elbows, knees, feet and face. You can even apply a light lotion over those spots to avoid the tanner depositing so heavy there if you do happen to run over them with your mitt. Even if it dries funky or streaky, as long as you have buffed it in...shower in 8 hours and WA-LAH....you're a brazilian beauty!
I do suggest weekly exfoliation, lots of moisturizing (heavier in your dry spots like knees, elbows, feet), and re-applying the tanner 1-2 times per week depending on how dark you want to be. I like to leave my tanner on for 6-10 hours to give it time to develop as dark as it can go. Once you shower, you will see the bronzing component of the tanner wash off into the shower. This is NOT your tan washing off. The bronzer in the tanning mousse is a useful tool to show where you have already applied. If there was no bronzer, you wouldnt be able to see where you have applied it, or where it was streakier or heavier to continue buffing....right...right?!

Here are my TOP products for using & applying self tanner! 

1. Exfoliator Mitt - This will actually link you to my favorite mitt kit on Amazon. It includes the exfoliator mitt, the regular mitt, the small baby mitt, and the back mitt.
Self Tanner Mitt Kit
This one will link to one of my favorite lotions that is gentle, smells AMAZING, and is actually safe for your sunless tan. 
Hempz Lotion
3. Kabuki Brush - This will link you to my favorite kabuki brush for applying the tanner to your face, hands, elbows, feet, knees. You still need to apply quickly and in a circular buffing motion. Only need a tiny bit of a pump, maybe a quarter of a full pump. 
Kabuki Brush Tanner Facial
Thats it...those are my favorites! Happy Shopping!