COVID-19 Shipping Delays

As a direct result of COVID-19 there have been many shipping delays due to all courier services being overloaded and short-staffed.  Online ordering is at an all-time high and all courier services are experiencing shipping delays. While USPS is experiencing the longest delays all couriers are affected. 

We do know that the Detroit Hub which typically processes our packages are still operating at a reduced staff rate and working 7 days a week to get caught up.

My package seems to be taking the scenic route?

We are seeing some packages bounce around to quite a few facilities before reaching their final destination. Once your order leaves our warehouse we are unable to make any changes and we see the same tracking information as our customers. When packages are delayed with USPS we are being told it could take up to 45 days for the next scan to happen. 

What if my order says a label was created and is awaiting acceptance by USPS?  I called them and they said it is because they have not received it yet.

This is a common response by the courier services when their equipment fails to scan a package properly and we are seeing more of this issue due to the volume of online ordering.  Once your order is updated with a tracking number it is placed in the USPS mail bin and it will be picked up by the post office on their next stop.  Depending on the time of day your package could leave the same day or the next business day.  If an order is skipped and not scanned at that point, tracking will normally appear when it arrives at the next destination postal facility.  On rare occasion we sometimes see orders delivered as the next scan.

Why don't you ship by another service? 

We pride ourselves on offering Free US shipping to our customers. USPS offers the best rates to keep Free US shipping option and even in times of turmoil, they still get our orders to their destination on time or early over 99% of the time.

Can I get my package faster? 

If you place an order and would like to upgrade your shipping option to UPS you can do so at checkout on the website. If you place an order on Comment Sold or the APP simply email customer service with your order number to and we can invoice you to upgrade to a faster shipping option if your order has not been processed yet. *Please note that USPS Priority 2-3 is also affected by this delay and can take as long as the free shipping option*

What options do I have for a package that is delayed right now? 

You can file a "missing mail" claim on the USPS website to start a search for it. Use option 3 to file a missing mail claim in that link. This link puts extra eyes on your package and sometimes get things moving again.

What it my package has not moved after 45 days?

Please email customer service with your order information and we can contact our USPS rep so she can begin an investigation to locate your package. 

Don't forget if you are near the warehouse (3661 Briarfield Blvd, Suite 103 Maumee, OH 43537) you can opt for LOCAL PICKUP and swing by to grab your package instead of waiting for shipping. 

We just ask for your patience in this matter as USPS is working as quickly as they can to process all of the packages.